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Community Spotlight  August 2015 — Olander Worthy

Our August 2015 Community Spotlight recipient is Olander Worthy of Springfield. Mr. Worthy has spent many years enriching the lives of the city’s youth through the sport of tennis.

He has been involved with the sport of tennis in Springfield since around 1980 eventually becoming a teacher and mentor to those involved. He has been running summer youth leagues for years and chances are if you were involved in Tennis clubs in Springfield at all over the years then you would have learned a thing or two from Mr. Worthy. He is currently the boys tennis coach at Sci Tech and was also a teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School until he retired in 2005.

The junior tennis leagues he is currently involved with are through the USTA and take place at Central High School. There are two youth teams: an 18 and under and a 10 and under. He is also in the process of registering a play site with the USTA for the pick up games that are also currently available at Central High School. Currently pick up games can be had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Central from 9am to 11am and again from 3pm to 5pm. A great way for kids to stay active and participate in a sport that has a long history in the city of Springfield!

Olander also has a site called readforgold.com which personalizes children’s books. These books have been donated in the past to class rooms in Springfield and really inspire kids to read by making them the center of the story.

Thank you to Mr. Worthy for all he has done for the local community through the years and being a strong role model and mentor for young tennis players.

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