The Gomes Agency is an educator based insurance agency. Among our many discounts, we have some that are only available for our clients that work in the local public school system. Anyone from janitors and bus monitors to principals and administrators will qualify for a discount that isn't offered by other local agencies. We are also involved with the local schools in many different ways. Whether donation is needed items or spending time educating staff about what we offer chances are you have seen one (or a few) of us at your school. We feel privileged to be able to have this relationship and look forward to seeing you at your school soon.

Retirement, Student Loan Forgiveness and More.


Being an educator based insurance agency, we spend a lot of time talking to local school staff members about some of the things that we specialize in. We often do presentations or volunteer our time at school events. If you have an upcoming event or would like to schedule us for a presentation about Retirement or Student Loan Debt Forgiveness please click here.

DonorsChoose.org and How We Can Help Your Classroom.


DonorsChoose.org is an online crowd sourcing platform started by a teacher in New York that helps teachers get supplies for their classroom that they may have to otherwise pay out of their own pocket for or may not be able to obtain at all. Donors Choose projects run the gamut. From common supplies like paper and markers, all the way up to Ipads and Projectors. We have experience with the website and the desire to help our local teachers. If you are in the planning phase of a project and are not sure exactly where to start please reach out to us. We would be happy to help get your project set up and offer whatever help and advice we can to make your project successful. We think once you find what an effective tool Donors Choose is and how easy it is to create a project you will be ready to take the leap. We have helped to fund many local projects and hope yours is next!